Command PE Training

$9.99 a month or $99.99 a year

The Command PE Training subscription gives you access to a wide range of sessions, from novice to advanced. The training sessions are created by Prof. Philip Gatcomb and they can only be found here.
As part of your subscription, you can also find previously released materials in an organized and structured set of playlists.
It is easy to navigate and the intuitive interface lets you access all content very quickly.

New content, including a full Advanced Course, will be uploaded regularly.

  • Command PE - Advanced Training

    18 videos

    This series of video tutorials focus on expanding the capabilities of CMANO through mission editing, scripting, database management, system interoperability, multiplayer, and data analysis. These videos are intended for users who already are comfortable with the normal operation of the simulatio...

  • Command PE - Novice Training

    10 videos

    A set of ten videos to introduce the basic functions of Command Professional Edition. Each video varies in length between two and eight minutes and focuses on a specific set of activities.
    The novice course is aimed at people who have not played Command before.

  • Command PE - Intermediate Training

    16 videos

  • Command PE - Training Sessions

    4 videos

    Each episode focuses on specific areas of the simulation and goes in-depth in describing the use of particular tools, weapons systems, and features.

  • Command Modern Operations - One Minute Class

    4 videos

    These videos focus on very specific actions to perform within Command Modern Operations. They are meant to be used as tips and tricks to improve mastering the simulations.